Skin to skin without interruption and unmedicated labour leads to smoother transition to breastfeeding

Take a look at this amazing video which summarizes a  landmark study by Dr. Lennart Righard, which divided newborn babies into 4 groups:

unmedicated births and unseparated from their mothers ( even for routine weight and newborn procedures, until after the first attachment)

unmedicated births and separated after birth

medicated and unseparated and

medicated and separated.

The babies that were born without interventions and without separation all were able to crawl unassisted up their mother’s abdomen, find the breast and self attach.  Those that were born with medication and separated for routine procedures had much more difficulty.

You will be amazed at the baby’s competence at finding what they are looking for and self attaching!

Babies retain the reflexes for breastfeeding for many weeks/months . So even if you and your baby have a rocky start there are many ways to help mom and baby to breastfeed.  Having lots of skin to skin contact between mom and baby and practicing baby led breastfeeding are helpful methods for babies who are learning to breastfeed.  Contact a certified lactaction consultant,  a La Leche League Leader or an experienced doula for support.


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